Single Parents

Although the rest of the website can apply to single parents and carers, one of the parents involved in building this site thought it would be helpful to have a specific area for single parents.

You may have heard that some treatments such as FBT utilise “both parents” – which is true.
However, clinicians have an understanding that not all parents have relationships where, once separated, both can be involved in treatment in the same way.  Clinicians also understand that, sometimes, both parents are not around to be involved in treatment. This does NOT impact upon your loved one’s chance to recover.

As a single parent you may need to look at your wider circle to see who else can support you because you need to take time for yourself when and where possible. Supporting a loved one to recover from an eating disorder is exhausting.

Can someone help you with meals?

Can someone come to sessions with you?

It can be anyone you trust, a family member, neighbour or friend. It may be helpful to have someone else involved to support you.

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