We really want to know if this website makes any impact on you, if you liked using it and if you found it helpful.

Any data collected will help us to evlauate this. You can read more about how you data will be used on the information sheet.

If you require any further information about the pilot or about the project please contact contact us on our CaredScotland email address.

Please fill out the outcome measures: EDSIS and COPE forms before using the site. Please note, if you fill these out, an email will be sent to the email address you leave in around 4 weeks time asking you to repeat these measures.
Once you feel you have finished using the site please fill out the Feedback Form.

The outcome measures: we use these to determine if using the site has any impact on a user. Please click on the large headings below to complete form.

Eating Disorder Symptom Impact Scale (EDSIS) Form

A questionnaire that should be completed before using the site. It explores the impact of an eating disorder.

Brief COPE Form

A questionnaire that should be completed before. It explores coping styles.

Feedback Form

We’d like to ask you what you thought of the site.